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Plan A
Text installation
Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University, East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT

My practice involves bringing together a wide variety of processes: wall text, video, sound, sculpture,
photography and painting, and juxtaposing these discrete elements to suggest narratives and explore
multiple positions. As such, my work, at least in the form of exhibition display, is a form of curating as
theatre. In this context, language is not to be trusted and is revealed to be disjunctive, atomized, both
through its source material and its system of appropriation. The wall text is Dyslexic, alien, with
malignant intent, stuck in the throat, up to no good. It is derrived from spliced extracts of the writings of
cults, and ‘clippings’ from my own spam box and Facebook feed. Barely readable through lack of
punctuation, it offers a glimpse into the overload of a repressed economy, the collapse of privacy, and
its corollary, the conspiracy theory’s paranoiac escapism. Unspecified surveillance of the personal

These elastic narratives within the autobiographical, of adopted memories and constructed myths,
are locked into a spectacle of theatrical interplay: a brackish movement of history as fiction, rendering
the present unstable and imprecise. With recall and displacement having their effect, it is the sense of
‘wrong place, wrong time’ that prevails.

About ALL
Art Language Location (ALL) is an art festival taking place from 13 – 29 October 2016 in locations
throughout Cambridge, featuring innovative and experimental contemporary artists from across the
UK and beyond who use text in their work.

ALL2016 will feature an extended exhibition of art around Cambridge and a day of performances,
discussions and events to accompany the exhibition and bring together artists and audiences.

Each artist must find an appropriate venue for their work: the resulting intervention creates a
conversation between artist, artwork and location. This extended exhibition aims to punctuate the city
with a series of visually exciting and unexpected encounters in which our everyday interactions with
text can be explored and challenged.