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‘There was a kind of ghostly teenage DNA at work in the Sprawl, something that carried the coded precepts of various short-
lived sub cults and replicated them at odd intervals… If the technology had been available, the Big Scientists would all have had
sockets stuffed with microsofts. It was the style that mattered and the style was the same. The Moderns were mercenaries,
practical jokers, nihilistic techno fetishists.’

The artists in this exhibition explore some of the paradigms between Modernism, geometry and science fiction, confronting
utopias and dystopias. Within this matrix, human fears, fantasies and failings are set against vertiginous backdrops, information
overload or sensory excess.

‘Then the drug hit him like an express train, a white hot column of light mounting his spine from the region of his prostate,
illuminating the sutures of his skull with x-rays of short circuited sexual energy. His teeth sang in their individual sockets like
tuning forks, each one pitch perfect and as clear as ethanol. His bones, beneath the hazy envelope of flesh, were chromed and
polished, the joints lubricated with a film of silicon. Sandstorms raged across the scoured floor of his skull, generating waves of
high thin static that broke behind his eyes, spheres of purist crystal expanding…’

*Excerpts from ‘Neuromancer’ by William Gibson (1984)

Private View: Thursday 1st July, 6-9pm.
Exhibition runs: 1st July – 25th July?
Gallery open: Mon-Sat 10-7pm, Sun 11-5pm.

The Aubin Gallery,
64-66 Redchurch St, Shoreditch, London. / 0845 6048486

Fieldgate Gallery, / 07957228351
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Diann Bauer - Juan Bolivar - Gordon Cheung - Richard Ducker
Stewart Gough - Sheena Macrae - Ian Monroe - Tom Ormond